Video UP!

Video UP!

Assalamua’laikum readers,

I would like to share my wedding video.

But where do you ladies suggest me to post the full video at?

I guess facebook is the best one. Tried IgTV but their max is 10mins video and mine, exceeded by 1min few secs. Sigh much.





Asssalamua’laikum readers.

Its been awhile since i last posted here. Just a short update.

Alhamdulilah, Waz and I selamat dinikahkan on the 21st July 2018 but the slight regret i have up till now is that, I dun have photos with my family on my own phone. It feels like shit, really. Now, I have to wait for TheProjectPixel to either post or give us the soft copy.

And, my reaction after the kadi nikah kan .. I TAK SENYUM PON! I DUN FREAKING KNOW WHY till I look at my KAKAK ANDAM, she asked me to smile. GOSH! Basically, the photos and videos sume like MEHHHH~~! Im sure they zoomed into my face cos they would like to see my reaction. SIGH. BIG SIGH.

I assumed its because the event was too LEPAK to the point the videographer and photographer did not know what to shoot. All thanks to my now, hubby, who kept on saying “takya la” , “no need“.

But we do have some nice photos, that was taken using our friends phone.

I shall let the photos do the talking.

Deco: Saiful Imran Deco (SID Events)

Outfits: Putih Bridal

MUA: @forqeepsake/ @theandamansg


(Please click to enlarge)


Thanks to all these people who helped with the event.

PS: no photos with the in-laws.



Assalamua’laikum readers.

To update you guys, Waz and me are going to collect our house key in 5days time! Requested for OFF on 4th June, hoping my NC would grant me. It is a day that we have been waiting for. Alhamdulilah.

We already bought some important things for the house. We have actually arranged for those things to be delivered to our house that week itself. Waz asked for his friend’s help to inspect/check on defects of our house. Once completed, and our EC approved our delivery request, we may proceed.

And i would also slowly move in my things since we are coming back to our house right after our honeymoon.

There are quite a number of things to settle. And we are left with 50days till the big day.

  1. Have yet to collect our cards and distribute.
  2. Heels
  3. Ring for Waz
  4. Honeymoon – have yet to book tickets for the places we want to visit

For now, we are left with these things to be done.

In Shaa Allah, everything will go smoothly



Assalamua’laikum ..

Just a short update.

We have made payment for almost everything. Only left with caterer and videography. A small percentage of payment left.

Deco theme colour – settled.

We have settled our wedding card. Hopefully the card will turn out as what we expected. Card will be done by end of May. In Shaa Allah, and i hope i get to distribute them by early June.

Another news is that, most probably .. We gonna get our house by end of May. KIV though. Will update further.

Till then.


151days left!

151days left!

Assalamua’laikum Readers.

I last updated last year December. Time really flies very fast and I am left with exactly 5 months till the big day. In Shaa Allah.

Further updates.

  1. Venue secured – Woodlands CC
  2. Bridal – Outfit measurements done.
  3. House – we skipped the idea of SBF
  4. Catering – more or less settled for the dishes we want
  5. Deco – meeting SID in April to finalise the theme
  6. ROMM – tomorrow is the registration day!
  7. Honeymoon – settled!
  8. Berkat – settled!
  9. Card – very soon

Putih Bridal Fitting will be in June most probably since we are getting it tailored.

Honeymoon to Dubai. Yay! Cant wait to travel with my future husband. Hehehe.

Getting our house in May/June. Nope, not resale. We ended up bought a 1 bedder EC. Small but alhamdulilah, for the 2 of us .. cukup la tu. Shall plan again in 5 years time.

Shall update further next time. Chiaoz!

Last update before 2018!

Last update before 2018!

Assalamua’laikum readers.

Just a quick update. Waz and I had our berkats and mas kahwin settled. Alhamdulilah.

  • January – bridal meetup
  • February – ROMM application and SBF ballot number
  • March – Waz going umrah
  • April – Family trip (before i get married)
  • May – KIV fittings/deco meetup
  • June – ?
  • July – The BIG DAY! & honeymoon

Speaking of which, we have yet to decide where we wanna go for our honeymoon. Maybe somewhere not too far since Waz’s leave is quite short due to his Umrah trip.

Any suggestions?

Last month of 2017.

Last month of 2017.

Assalamua’laikum readers.

Its been months since I updated this wordpress of mine. Have always wanted to update since months/days back but too lazy to on the laptop. Lol.

Just a quick one.

  1. Wedding – Waz and myself are left with 7months to the big day! Time flies. O.M.G! Have yet to meet our bridal to discuss about our outfits. Panic, anxious, nervous yet excited. I just hope and pray that they have enough time to prepare our bajus. Waz has been tracking our finance diligently. He listed out all the things we have to do or settle cos me being me, I dun have the time to do so due to work schedule.
  2. House – We didnt manage to get a house or in fact, attend our HDB SBF appointment cos quota for Malay was alrd 0. Thus, we reapplied another SBF last month. Hoping that our queue number is not too far than the units offered. Last resort would be RESALE.

Next year is going to be a busy year for us.

  1. Applying ROMM next year in Feb
  2. Waz leaving for Umrah in March
  3. Fittings/Meetup with our deco

and etc.

Oh my, cant wait to end everything!