Assalamua’laikum readers!

Im back after a month. Haha! Nampak nya, its like a monthly thingy. Haha!

A quick update, we just received an email from HDB – appointment will be in November, our ballot number is quite far than the unit number offered but still hoping that there would be a unit available for us to pick. Sigh. Nervous yet excited.

If there is none, i guess we gonna apply again that same month. Tsk.

Anws, I’m still looking for ideas for my baju nikah. And I’m already left with 10months. O’oh!

P.S : hashtag still pending.




Assalamualaikum readers!

Its been a month. A month since Waz and me got engaged. Time flies. We are currently left with 11 months to the big day, In Shaa Allah.

So, basically … last week, we actually made some appointments with 2 bridals. One is Nawwarah and the other was, Putih Bridal.

The moment we entered Nawwarah Boutique, we fell in love with their bride’s collections, however, Waz was kinda disappointed with the groom’s. But we kept our options open. After their boutique, we made an impromptu appointment with Putih Bridal, which is also his kenalan, on the day itself. And alhamdulilah, dorang pon free that day .. so, we went over to their place. Hehe. Putih Bridal actually gave us a good offer. Without any hesitation, we booked them for our big day. In Shaa Allah, its going to be good.

Therefore, yay! PUTIH BRIDAL, it is!

Oh ya, i didn’t know that my cousin-in-law pon “work” for them, so ape lagi, mintak tolong dia la if dia bole makeup kan I next year. Lol. But fikir-fikir balik, dia cousin seh .. tak kan nak susah kan dia kan? when she is supposed to attend my majlis without having to do anything, just bawak diri untuk makan jek. Haha!

Anyways, vendors checked:

  1. Deco & Catering : SID events & Hjh Amnah
  2. Bridal : Putih Bridal
  3. Photography : The Project Pixel
  4. Videography : RedTape Projects
  5. Henna : KhairHenna
  6. Hand Bouquet : my sister
  7. Berkat : my cousin
  8. Cards : Pending
  9. Hantaran : ?

No Kompang/DJ, just sound system with soft music. Oh wells.

Alrights, till then. Shall update again soon!

P.S : have yet to think of a hashtag for the wedding.




I am back for a quick update!

Muhammad Wazini and I got engaged on the date stated above. Alhamdulilah, everything went smoothly. Just a short and simple sarung cincin with a lil bit of discussion of the date for the big day.

In Shaa Allah, the big day will be in a year’s time. Back to counting down.

Vendors wise?

Mostly all settled.

  1. Photography and Videography – checked
  2. Deco – checked
  3. Catering – checked
  4. Bridal – KIV confirmed
  5. Venue – KIV confirmed
  6. Berkat – checked
  7. Henna – KIV confirm
  8. Sound system – checked.

Oh wells, it is going to be a simple kinda wedding. No loud musics. No kompang.

Just wait for the day ajela. Haha! 

20108243_10212532156672431_182892173353536345_nI present to you, my Fiance.



Salam Readers,

Its been a month since I last updated. Hope everyone is doing good.

Alhamdulilah, I am contented with what I have at the present moment. My life has been pretty much amazing with Waz around. He is simply the BEST although he could be a pain in the ass at times! Hehehe! At times, Im still amazed with how Allah swt actually arranged our path. There are days whereby I will smile to myself, thinking how someone whom I least expected to be in my  life, is currently my partner/future husband to be?

Speaking of which, both of us have already applied a house (SBF) in Bukit Batok. Yang penting, cant wait to have a house of our own! Siap da fikir interior macam mana, design and whatnot.

And we planned to settle down by next year, 2018. In Shaa Allah. I am very grateful that we have friends/relatives who are able to help us with the wedding plans/house and etc.

For vendors wise? Shall keep you all updated!

With that, goodnight!

Trip to Umrah (10/5/17-21/5/17)

Trip to Umrah (10/5/17-21/5/17)

Assalamua’laikum Readers!

How’s everyone? Hopefully, all is well.

Anws, I just came back from my Umrah trip 2 days ago. I enjoyed myself there and if were given a chance/opportunity .. I would love to go back there, again. It was a nice experience although, I didn’t manage to join the last 2 Tawaf due to menses. But its okay. Maybe, it is a sign to go back there, one day.

When i was there, I got to experience so many things. The moment i stepped into Masjid Nabawi —> Ar-Raudhah (managed to perform solah and du’a despite being pushed and it was super packed with other pilgrims from all over the world) —> Went to a few historical places —> Mecca and etc.

And each time, i went over to their historical places, I shared my experiences with my bf. Took photos for him to see and look at. At the same time, it is also nice when your partner shared his knowledge about Islam and our prophet, Nabi Muhammad saw. I learnt a lot from him too. —> guess, moving on was the right thing to do.

Okay, I shall let the photos do the talking, aite? Sorry if the photos are too small to see. (click to enlarge)

Oh ya when I was there, its like whatever I prayed for were being answered —> referring to JODOH.

  1. Our HLE got approved
  2. We applied for a house the moment it launched.
  3. My parents approved our plans

Ma Shaa Allah. He has arranged everything perfectly for us and I am really grateful to Allah swt.

As of now, we are waiting for our house ballot number and appointment, and then .. we shall discuss what is the next step.




Assalamua’laikum Readers!

Everyone (including my extended family/friends) is quite curious with whom I’m dating right now. Lol.

Well, in my previous post, I did mention his initial which is Mr. W.

Okay, I shall share how/where I met this guy.

We knew each other from the YEAR 2014. Yes, 3years ago! From where? In Facebook! Cant recall how we started the conversation but yup, we did chat. The best part, we have never met, not even once. Obviously, I jual mahal, you can say that la. Haha! Each time he asked me out on a date, I always give him 101 excuses. Moreover, i was still not over my ex-fiance (ex bf back then). When I got engaged, member teros senyap kan diri. Literally senyap kan diri! Imagine that. 

Sampai la I putus tunang, dia muncul balek macam tau-tau aje. Haha! And only then, I gave him a chance to meet me when he volunteered to fetch me from work. Niat tu hanya berkawan jek. We didn’t expect to fall for each other pon. *inserts emoji KETAWA*.

He is one who constantly reminds me of Allah swt. And that’s what a lady wish for. Finding someone whom you know can guide you to Jannah. No? Someone who has visions/goals and mission in life. Someone you know you can rely on, someone who makes you happy, someone whom you can annoy everyday or get annoyed with. Someone you know who loves you just by looking into his eyes. Someone who is responsible and many others. I saw his effort in meeting me, his sacrifices to make our future work and etc. I’m really thankful to Allah for making our path crossed. I really appreciate having him in my life now (its not as though I didn’t appreciate my previous one .. but ya). I really appreciate him.

Every single one of us has our flaws and im not saying that he is perfect. He is imperfect but he is worthy of love and belonging.  Imperfection is lovable. I am glad that I can be who I am when I’m with him. Heh.

Okay, otak da jam, dunno what to type anymore.

Image may contain: 1 person, textHe attended my Advanced Dip graduation on the 4/5/17.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup and indoorOur first wedding together as a couple ke? Lol.

Image may contain: 15 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoorHis bunch of friends. His family. #Altoaura

Alrights, till then. Shall post again some other time.

P.S: Leaving for umrah tomorrow. Pray for me and gonna miss my Boy Sepet. See ya in 10days!

Moving on.

Moving on.

Assalamua’laikum Readers,

When was the last time I blogged? 2 month ago! So many things happened within this short period of time, but if I were to start blogging about it, akak rasa .. besok agaknya baru abes baca (k fake!). Lol.

Previously, I did mention about my ex fiance & I planned to get back together. Well, its obvious that we didnt make it as per title.

Yes, I moved on. Reason why? I shall keep it to myself.

Image result for jodoh itu rahsia allah quote

“Even how much you planned and wanting him to be your future partner, when He said its not meant to be yours, its not gonna be yours.”

I am truly amazed how Allah swt actually aturkan jalan hidup kita, nicely arranged and at a perfect timing and with someone you least expect.

Amidst of me picking up pieces of my broken heart, someone came into my life. I shall name him, Mr. W.

Let me cut the story short.

  1. Mr W. always appear randomly but at the timing either when I’m having problems or after a breakup with my ex fiance (gf/bf back then). And now this? —> like he knew I was in a difficult phase in life at the point of time. Coincident much?
  2. When Mr W told me that we are at the age whereby we should start thinking of settling down and not main-main. (YASSS!)
  3. We are always on the same page to almost EVERYTHING!
  4. When he told me that he solat istikharah .. He cried/prayed to Allah swt that he is so bersyukur that i came into his life. 
  5. When I told Mr W. my problem which is, I dun wish to lose a huge sum of money to my ‘decor+caterer’ that I engaged for my “supposed-to-be-wedding” —> the caterer that I engaged is Mr W’s family (maternal’s). *inserts emoji* Adakah ini satu petanda?

You feel me, now?

Mr W and I got so comfortable with each other, that we actually start planning out some things. I know its too fast but I believe that He has arrange someone better for me, for my future with a purpose and that person is, Mr W.

Alhamdulillah for Allah swt has made our path crossed, and In Shaa Allah, this would be the last. #doakanyangbaik2